We keep a lot of information on our Mac. In general, we want to keep everything safe, but there is one element that requires more, requires the highest level of security we can get. This is where the secure keychain notes come in, the safest place to keep your notes. Let’s see what they are and how to use them.

The safest place on our Mac

Our Mac stores all of our passwords on the keychain. It is a maximum security environment where, in addition, we can also safely store notes. It must be recognized that the ease of access is not the same as if we were to use a password protected note, but the added security will make up for it on more than one occasion.

Creating a secure note on our Mac keychain is very easy. The steps are as follows:

We open the Keychain Access app on our Mac. We can search for it in Spotlight or locate it in the Utilities folder of Applications. In the left sidebar we choose the keychain we want to use, by default the login keychain. From the File menu, we choose New Secure Note. We write the name and the content. We press * Add.

Nothing more. If later we need to view its contents, we will follow the first two steps, then we will touch Safe Notes at the top. In doing so, only these will be filtered and we will be able to access them more easily. From there, just double-click on the one we’re interested in and mark the View Note option. After entering our Mac password, we will see all the content.

Nothing else, in reality it is a very simple, but little known process which, in more than one circumstance, can be really useful. A place to store our information in the safest way possible.