With the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, the latest version of Google’s smartwatch operating system, Wear OS 3.0, has finally been released, and some manufacturers have already given rough deadlines to receive the update on their own devices. The dates don’t close at all and this in many cases will prevent watches with Wear OS 2.0 from continuing to move forward.

However, Wear OS 2.0 will take a small step forward by receiving some of the improvements introduced in the new version. Something that surely thrills users of these watches who are not guaranteed to upgrade to Wear OS 3.0, or even who have already confirmed that they will no longer be updated.

Wear 3.0 enhancements direct to Wear OS 2.0

Google recently announced up to five new features built right into Wear OS 3.0, but luckily for Wear 2.0 users, they’ll also get three of these improvements which will be updated as a minor update shortly beforehand. . For example, you can now reply to messages received in Google Messages without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Wear OS 2.0 users will receive a new interface that makes it easier to write text even on the wrist. Our answer will automatically synchronize with the phone and voila. Wear OS 2.0 will also receive “Tiles”, the Wear OS home screen widgets that will give quick access to smartwatch content and controls.

Among these new widgets we will find those of Spotify, Strava or Calm. And speaking of Spotify, the company recently announced that Wear OS 2.0 users will soon enjoy offline listening, so platform users will be able to download their Spotify playlists directly to the watch to take on the go. their music anywhere without needing to keep the watch nearby.

In addition to all this, Google Pay for Wear OS is expanding to more countries (it was already in Spain) and it is not excluded that support for Youtube Music will soon be received in Wear OS 2.0, the platform. Google’s form of music streaming that has already announced your arrival in Wear OS 3.0. The only thing that remains to be seen is when this update will be received. We will be attentive.

Via | Slashgear