New Delhi, 30 July 2021, Friday

Corona has wreaked havoc in many countries of the world. The impact, especially on economic activity, has made many people reluctant to eat twice a day.

In such a situation, people are criticizing this matter after a rich man in Malaysia sent a special helicopter to pick up rice of his choice. According to reports, a man living in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, had ordered rice of his choice. For this rice, he sent a helicopter to a nearby city and ordered 36 packets. The helicopter covered 160 km for rice.

The incident is being criticized across the country. The incident is also being considered as a violation of the rules of Corona. Pictures of helicopters are going viral on social media and people are asking how can one do this when people eat twice a day.

While the matter sparked a heated debate, the police have now revealed that the helicopter was allowed to fly as part of maintenance. However, the identity of the rich person who ordered the rice is yet to be identified.