It is expected that within a few months we will finally meet the POCO F3 GT, a vitamin version of the POCO F3. But ahead of this launch, we have news from POCO, which will launch the POCO X3 GT on July 28.

We are going to tell you everything we know to date about this new model, since it is intended to be one of the most powerful in the mid-range.

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The POCO X3 GT will be released on July 28

On Wednesday July 28, the POCO X3 GT will be officially presented. What do we expect from summer mobile? Within the POCO catalog, this will be one of its most powerful mid / entry level ranges, with a MediaTek Dimensity 1100. This processor is less powerful than its bigger brothers, the POCO F3 and X3 Pro, but it is fine. more efficient than the POCO Processor M3 Pro.

The POCO X3 GT aims to be a renowned Redmi Note 10 Pro and with different specifications, such as processor, camera and display

Design-wise, it should be a Redmi Note 10 Pro, so this terminal might not end up reaching European territory (or maybe, who knows). If it did, it would have a very well used front face, with a very small front perforation and at least three cameras on the back.

It is also planned to have a 6.67-inch panel with Full HD + and 120Hz resolution, without yet knowing whether it is AMOLED or IPS. The memory could go up to 256 GB and it would have 8 GB of RAM, good specs in line with what POCO usually offers.

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