We’ve long been learning about Samsung’s interest in QD-OLED technology, a technology that, if all goes according to plan, can finally take on the LG OLED panels in front of you. However, the big surprise comes from Sony. And is that according to reports from several sources in Korea, the manufacturer will soon start manufacturing panels with this technology.

This is not the first time that Sony has taken an interest in QD-OLED. Last year they were able to get their hands on some prototypes from Samsung, and now everything indicates that Sony’s launch of a QD-OLED TV is closer than ever.

What are QD-OLED panels?

This technology has been in the hands of Samsung for some time, and it is the combination of Quantum Dot technology, which is already seen in current QLED TVs, with OLED technology. In this way, the RGB color reproduction would be given through a matrix of nanocrystals, or quantum dots, in order to deal with the main problems of the W-OLED panels that LG currently sells: the RGB color filter which absorbs part of the brightness delivered by diodes, and its lower color reproduction capacity compared to RGB OLEDs.

In October and earlier this month, outlets like Chosun Biz and ETNews were already reporting on the possibility of Samsung supplying Sony with its QD-OLED technology. However, it is only now that, thanks to a recent article from Business Korea, it has been confirmed that Sony will be entering this game as well.

A fight against LG’s hegemony

From Samsung, they hope that with their new technology, they can cope with the dominance of LG in this sector, which recently decided to invest around 1.6 trillion won in its OLED technology to expand its use in panels. smaller sizes.

It is expected that during CES 2022 we will be able to see the latest Samsung panels incorporating QD-OLED technology. What is not yet clear is whether Sony will end up showing theirs at this tech fair as well.

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