A military plane prepares to take off from the Orleans air base with soldiers and equipment for the evacuation operations of French citizens from Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. Orleans Airport, France, August 16 | Photo: EFE / EPA / DOCUMENT

The European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, said on Tuesday that the Taliban “have won the war” in Afghanistan and that it will now be necessary to “negotiate with them”.

“It is not about official recognition, but about negotiation with them. We will need to engage with them and, at the same time, be very vigilant in meeting the international obligations that previous Afghan governments have committed to over the past 15 years. . “Borrell said at a press conference after meeting with EU ministers to deal with the Afghan crisis.

In a statement endorsed by member states and released after the meeting, Borrell stressed that “cooperation with any future Afghan government will be conditional on a peaceful and inclusive solution and respect for the human rights of all Afghans”, including women. , young people and minorities. It will also be conditioned on the respect of the international obligations of Afghanistan, on a commitment to fight against corruption and to prevent the use of its territory by terrorist organizations.

The EU’s foreign minister assured that the EU will use “all its economic and political influence” to help the Afghan people. Borrell said he “did not have time” to make contact with the Taliban, but that he plans to strengthen the EU delegation in Kabul “not to get people out, but to make it happen. enter, in order to have a dialogue with the Taliban for practical reasons. As an example, he cited that “taking 400 people from their homes to the airport, to catch different planes, at different times, in different groups, is an operation that cannot be implemented without some sort of deal with the Taliban “.