Pluto TV already has competition in Spain: the free streaming TV platform Rlaxx TV has landed in the country. At the moment only for TVs with Android TV (in addition to Fire TV and Apple TV). And with a wide and varied range of channels: 27 live and content on demand.

With the advent of streaming, the world of television content has grown almost exponentially; while “traditional” television migrated to streaming. Watching TNT is possible thanks to platforms like Tivify for example, even free. And, if we are talking about free content, Pluto TV is a benchmark, both for its live channels and for on-demand content. That you don’t have enough? Well now you have a platform that has just landed in Spain: rlaxx. We tested it on our Android TV.

Theme channels and free content interrupted by ads

Rlaxx TV maintains the maxim of other free platforms, such as Pluto TV: it offers free content subsidized by advertisements. This advertisement is loaded at the start of the videos and punctually interrupts the reproduction, whether live or on demand. The cuts are not extensive, at least for the moment (and basically they are poker ads, one of the platform’s thematic channels).

After installing it on our Android TV (we used rlaxx on the Nvidia Shield TV, but the app should work on any other device with that system), and running it, we came across an interface simple and functional that offers the menu with live and video on demand channels at the top with the channel carousel at the bottom. The experience was positive despite the fact that we suffered some frost during the channel change.

The live channel grill is made up of different themes ranging from kids to nature. Motor, poker, comedy, poker and, at least for the moment, little content in series and movies. More specifically, the channels that can currently be played on Rlaxx TV are:

rlaxx real crime

Vevo Pop

#CS – Surf Connection

rlaxx Nature

Garage TV

Anima children

RLaxx documentaries

a chill

Taste TV

WPT – World Poker Tour

Dynamics of comedy

Life on the edge

The Nautical Show


Car race

Drink television

TV Skuff

NYX Channel

Horizon Sports



Chain fight

Young hollywood

Duck TV

power nation



There are channels that broadcast their dubbed content in Spanish, but most offer content in English. Since the platform is expanding, the most logical thing is for the Spanish catalog to expand as Rlaxx TV takes hold in the country.

Always green, but with many possibilities

Rlaxx TV does not aspire to be a Netflix, HBO, Disney + or an Amazon Prime, the platform is content to offer content divided by themes and without asking for anything in return. In fact, you don’t even need an account – just launch the app on the TV and Rlaxx TV gives you access to all the content.

In our experience, it is not difficult to navigate, switching between channels may take a few seconds (sometimes it seems like the app was not instructed to change), the video is loading at maximum 1080p (picture quality is ok, same as audio), themes are varied, and in our opinion TV and movie channels are required. Hopefully the platform will fill this gap.

Rlaxx TV is free and always will be, this marks the general quality of the content, channels and its videos on demand. We found it to be a platform that offers entertainment to kill time, but not to meet leisure needs. Zapping is fun for a few minutes, not much longer; At least in the initial state in which it is now, it must be highlighted.

If you want to try Rlaxx TV, you can do so through Android TV: the app is now available. It also has an app for Fire TV, Apple TV, and most smart TVs, such as Samsung and LG. You don’t need anything to access their channels, it doesn’t even matter.

Rlaxx TV