On some occasions while browsing your PC or the OneDrive cloud, you may have come across a folder called “Personal storage”. A space in the cloud within your OneDrive space quota but with specific characteristics that we will now try to explain.

“Personal Safe” is a feature available to all OneDrive users, whether they pay or use the 5 GB of cloud space that does not require payment. A folder that stands out by offering a higher degree of protection than the rest of the space offered by OneDrive.

Everything about the “Personal Warehouse”

Access from the web

As a safe, “Personal Warehouse” is a section accessible both from the OneDrive website and from our own PC as long as we have the Microsoft account associated with “Personal Warehouse”. At this point, the “special” folder will appear as one more section in File Explorer.

“Personal Warehouse” has a series of features that make it different from the rest of the space that can be found in OneDrive. Greater protection offered by the need to log in every time we want to enter it, even if we are already logged in to OneDrive or on our PC.

Additionally, Microsoft’s two-step verification will always be mandatory through a system whereby an email is sent to your attached secondary account to receive a code that you need to write in and only then will you be able to enter the “Store Staff “.

To secondary email or associated mobile

And if that is not enough, the personal store will automatically lock after 20 minutes without using it, so you need to repeat the above steps again. We can also block it automatically.

Some security measures that clearly indicate why we can use the OneDrive “Personal Vault”. It is a valid option for storing personal documents such as identity document, social security card, driver’s license, digital certificates, Wi-Fi network keys … All this information is protected by the systems we have seen before.

As we have already commented, access to the “Personal Store” can be done from the OneDrive website itself as well as through Windows 10 Explorer, taking into account that, unlike OneDrive, the connection will be still needed and two-step verification.

By default, with two-step verification, an email will be sent to a secondary account that you have joined or to the phone number that you have associated, with the unique second-step code that Microsoft will provide you when setting up this system. If you want to change anything, you’ll need to enter your Microsoft account and go to the Security section to make changes to the verification.

With all these steps already taken, we can use the “Personal Store” like any other OneDrive folder, but yes, with additional security. We can add files to it just by moving them from Explorer both on the web and in Windows 10, as well as edit the content, store it …