Russia threatens to invade Ukraine

MOSCOW: Fearing a Russian invasion of Ukraine, NATO nations have started training their troops to fight in Estonia as well as in snow-covered regions. On the other hand, since when has it started sending weapons equipment on a large scale to Ukraine?

On the one hand, there is clear fear in the West that Russia will invade Ukraine at any moment. Because if Ukraine joins the NATO group, Russia will not be able to run it. In this regard, the leaders of Ukraine are determined to join NATO. NATO is also ready to welcome it.

There is a knock everywhere in the language of Talpadi. But the bitter truth is that it is a missile form with pits, nuclear-filled tops. The world is on the verge. The West has also issued a stern warning to Putin.

At such a critical juncture, French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to visit the Kremlin quickly to find a way out. After lengthy talks with Putin, he promised “no acceleration” on the Ukraine issue. This has given the world enough hashtags for a while.

He managed to convince Putin that his invasion of Ukraine would threaten the peace and stability of the whole of Europe. Kim, who arrived in Ukraine’s capital, told reporters that there would be neither an escalation nor a fall in tensions. Now it is possible to make peace.