At some point, you have surely heard of the Picture in Picture (PiP) function. An option available on many televisions that allows you to have two screens at the same time, including a smaller one, to see two different contents at the same time. What you may not know is that if you use Telefónica television you can also take advantage of this function.

Picture in picture or what is similar, picture in picture, is another option offered by Movistar Telefónica. The platform, which recently changed its name and image, adds a new function. Coinciding with the free deco change, the Picture in Picture feature is now available and we’ll walk you through how to use it.

Two screens at once

Picture in Picture is the option that allows you to watch two videos at the same time. You may have already used it on your phone or on your TV and now you can also use it if you are a Movistar Plus user, have contracted fiber optic TV and use the operator’s UHD decoder. This way you can watch two TV channels at the same time.

All the channels on the platform can benefit from the Picture in Picture (PiP) function, with the exception of the UHD channels which will soon receive it and the five that we are now listing. One of them that will be the main, we will see it in full screen, while the other, let’s call it secondary, appears in a smaller window

Promotional channel M+ (dial 0). Click on Cinema (dial 29). Multisport (dial 44). Netflix, Disney+ and Playboy (make up 100, 101 and 111 respectively). Mosaic and Multicamera F1 (from 220 to 226).

As in other cases, the Picture in Picture function of Movistar Plus is closed. The images are not resizable and the small one, which always appears in the upper right area, will always display the same size and will also do so without sound and with SD resolution.

How to activate the PiP function

To activate and deactivate the Picture in Picture function, all you have to do is watch the content of any channel that supports it and if at that moment the tuned channel coincides with the channel detailed in the mini-guide. Just press “OK” on the remote control to bring up the mini-guide which is used to guide us step by step.

In the miniguide, you should look for the Picture in Picture (PiP) feature which appears to the right of the streamed content information. We move using the arrow keys.

We will then see the message “Window channel” at the bottom of the screen and we only have to press “OK” to see the tuned channel, which will occupy a small window in the upper left area of ​​the screen.

The PiP function will be disabled by repeating the above process and then clicking the disable PiP icon in the mini guide or restarting the decoder. If we zap, the contents of the “big” window will change, but the small screen will continue to display the same image.

If we want to change the channel displayed in the minimized window, there is no choice but to deactivate the function and close the current window to then return to the desired channel and press OK again on “Channel window “.

Another thing we can do is swap content from the “big” image to the “small”. To do this, go back to the miniguide, position yourself on the PiP icon and move the control upwards so that the channel exchange icon appears. When the message “Change Channel” appears on the screen, just press “OK” and the full screen channel will go to the window and vice versa.