Being able to present the COVID Certificate in a simple way has become more important than ever. Fortunately in this regard, the Department of Health has extended the download options for this certificate so that we can add it directly to the Wallet app on our iPhone and Apple Watch.

The COVID Certificate more within reach than ever

We have already seen several ways to manage these certificates in order to facilitate their presentation when needed. Most of the methods required accessing third party apps or transforming the QR code ourselves to be able to add it to our iPhone wallet. Now, however, we can receive the certificate in this format directly from official bodies.

Applying for this certificate is as simple as going to the website of the Ministry of Health, entering through the Cl @ ve system or with an identity certificate, filling out the form saying “I request to receive the certificate also in Wallet or Passbook format “, by entering the phone number where we want to download the certificate, sign the operation with Cl @ ve and wait for it to be sent to us.

When we receive the SMS with a link to the certificate, we simply enter our ID and when viewing the pass itself, we tap Add. With this we will see how it is saved in the Wallet app on our iPhone and also appears in the same app on our Apple Watch.

It is clear that being able to simplify the management of this certificate is important. Thanks to this system, we can even send our certificate to another member of the family, ideal for being able to view all the certificates from the same phone if we are together, for example. A certificate which we hope will lose all usefulness as soon as possible, but which we can comfortably manage in the meantime.