The rumor has been with us since last year and was spread by none other than Mark Gurman: Apple would have considered making larger tablets, 14 or even 16 inches. If this were to become reality, they would appear in 2023, after a redesign of the currently released iPad Pro.

But Samsung must have read Gurman and said, “Why wait?” And today we saw how the South Korean company launched its own 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. At Xataka they have all the details and from Apple’s point of view there are several things you can take note of.

a tablet”

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is huge. Plain and simple, huge. More than a tablet, it looks like a ceramic hob. It has an AMOLED display (with a notch!), up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of expandable storage, a USB-C port, a stylus, and all sorts of wireless connectivity. next generation yarn.

In the video we can appreciate this size, which without exception forces us to use the device with two hands. Of course, an accessory similar to the iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard provides the tablet with a keyboard and trackpad to use Android 12 more comfortably.

For example, if you want to install three or four apps, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 screen gives you space.

Samsung praised the large screen of this tablet, mentioning the possibility of running several Android applications at the same time, in addition to the impact that this diagonal of 14.6 inches gives in games or videoconferences. The company also confirmed that it is working with Google to bring more optimized experiences in the future.

That’s where you have to work: on a touchscreen system and apps that make good use of all that screen. At 9to5Google they have already tried it, and they rightly comment that its weak point is Android 12 which is not yet suitable for such large screens.

The weight of the device can also be a disadvantage: it is a tablet that weighs 726 grams. For comparison, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro weighs 680 grams. Holding something like this in our hands for a long time isn’t as comfortable anymore, and that must have been a big factor in all the tests they did in Cupertino with a tablet of this size.

And this is where we can ask ourselves: what can Apple learn from this Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra? First of all, it is possible to manufacture tablets of this size. But does it work? Does it have a purpose, a target audience? To see content and participate in calls it’s spectacular, but its price is not going to make it accessible to everyone and professionals can weigh between that or the purchase of a laptop of this size.

Of course, I could be wrong. The answer as to whether such a large tablet makes sense is going to come down to the public and sales, with Apple being very keen to see if such a device hits the mark. And if for some reason in Cupertino they also champion such a size, we could see a tennis-court-sized iPad Pro in a year or two. Who knows, a few years ago we considered the 12.9 of the current generation as something exaggerated…