Google introduced us last year to the new interface for Google TV televisions, featured in the new Chromecasts and since then in several televisions launched during the year. In fact, this interface works on Android TV, which has a somewhat different interface.

Since February, Google has been sort of unifying the interfaces of Google TV and Android TV, to which are now added the list to watch later, improved recommendations and immersive information pages.

Android TV with more flavor than Google TV

Today, TVs with Android TV can have two interfaces: the usual Android TV or the new, Google TV. In a new attempt to continue to confuse us, Google has been unifying the functions between the two interfaces for the past few months, with more and more Google TV functions eventually reaching Android TV as well.

The biggest change came when Android TV split its interface into four tabs: Search, Main, Discover, and Apps, similar to how it appears on Google TV. Now Google has announced other Google TV keys that will eventually reach Android TV.

The first is the Watchlist to Watch Later or Watchlist, where you can add any movies or series you want to watch later. You can add items to this list from the Discover tab, with a long press after selecting a movie or series. This list for later viewing will appear in the Discover tab and you can view it from other devices such as Google search or the Google TV app.

Another new feature is the ability to improve recommendations based on “play Tinder with movies”. From the Discover tab, if you click on Improve your recommendations, you will be presented with content so that you can indicate whether or not you are interested. These answers will be used to improve the recommendations Android TV gives you.

Finally, the news pages include a “more cinematic” experience, meaning movie trailers play automatically, much like they do on Netflix. You can turn it off in Settings> Device settings> Home screen, by unchecking Enable video previews.

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