Washington cancels visas to eight other Cuban officials for repressing protesters last July

Ap and Sputnik

La Jornada newspaper
Saturday, January 8, 2022, p. 19

Washington. The government of President Joe Biden imposed travel restrictions on eight Cuban officials who, it says, have been complicit in the repression of opposition protesters and other dissidents. When there are no more nuts to tighten, punishments come with names and surnames. Although they have never stopped doing it against the entire Cuban people. The dignity of Cuba is the problem, wrote, in response, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on his Twitter account.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the visa restrictions in a statement condemning the current crackdown on participants in the demonstrations that began last July, noting that the Cuban prison sentences imposed on those involved were harsh and unjust. .

The names of the eight sanctioned officials were not released, but Blinken alluded that all of them are connected to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of peaceful protesters. Washington claims that some 600 protesters remain jailed after the July 11 protests despite calls for their release.

The White House took steps to enforce visa restrictions in response to attempts by the Cuban government to deny citizens their freedom and rights through continued intimidation tactics, unjust imprisonment and severe sentences, Blinken said.

The Biden government has largely maintained the political line of former President Donald Trump towards the island. Blinken announced visa restrictions on nine Cuban officials in late November for similar actions against anti-government protesters.

In addition to Díaz-Canel, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez condemned the sanctions. The United States government persists in the bad habit of trying to impose its will on other governments through unilateral coercive measures, it declared in a statement. Cuba’s determination to defend its sovereign rights is not altered one iota.

Cuban authorities have said that the United States was the real instigator of the protests last July.

Washington has spoken in favor of Cuban activists and praised the anti-government protests, but Havana describes these demonstrations as subversive and destabilizing actions organized and financed from the powerful nation in the north of the continent.