– Asked to withdraw from Ukraine’s borders: Threatening harsh, economic and political sanctions

WASHINGTON, DC (Reuters) – US President Joe Biden said on Monday after a lengthy video conference with Western European leaders that the United States and European countries would unite if Russia attacked Ukraine.

The Pentagon said in a statement that it “sent 500 troops to be ready”, to confirm to NATO if necessary.

“I had a great meeting with European leaders,” Joe Bird told reporters about his talks with Western European countries. He also promised complete unity.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office in London said in a statement that “the leaders agreed on the importance of international unity against Russia’s arrogance.” While German Chancellor Ove Schulz said Russia now had a responsibility to de-escalate tensions, NATO Secretary General Jens Staubtenberg said Russia would pay a heavy price if it became more aggressive on Ukraine. France, Italy and Poland had said the same thing. However, France said that Russian and Ukrainian officials will meet with French and German officials in Paris today (Wednesday). And trying to find a way out of this impasse. “I believe there is still room for diplomatic action,” said French President Macron. And there is plenty of room for relaxation. John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, said on Monday that intelligence had made it clear that Russia would not invade Ukraine at this stage.

On the other hand, the Kremlin has accused NATO of creating frenzy. Meanwhile, Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine seeking to leave Ukraine continued their crackdown, prompting Ukrainian President Vladimir Putin to resign. “We will not succumb to such provocations,” Zelensky said. In fact, Russia is making excuses to attack Ukraine.