The prize is endowed with 15,000 euros. However, Volker Lechtenbrink does not keep the money, but gives it to three charitable projects.

Hamburg (AP) – Actor, singer and director Volker Lechtenbrink (77) received the Gustaf Gründgens Prize on Sunday at the Ernst Deutsch Theater in Hamburg.

The prize is endowed with 15,000 euros and honors personalities who have made a significant contribution to the performing arts in the Hanseatic city. Lechtenbrink has impressed in countless roles on stage, in film and on television, not only with his exceptional artistic professionalism, but also with his passion and dedication. The praise was given by actor Roland Renner.

The prize is awarded by the Hamburg Lions Club and offered by the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary in Hamburg. Previous winners included ballet director John Neumeier, theater producer Joop van den Ende and presenter Michel Abdollahi. The prize money and the proceeds of the charity morning will benefit three charitable projects at the request of the winner: the Sternenbrücke children’s hospice, the palliative care service of the Israelite hospital and the Cakan association.