The “Queen of Samba”, Elza Soares, is dead: The Brazilian singer has died in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 91. She is considered one of the greatest singers in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian singer Elza Soares, celebrated in her country as the “singer of the millennium”, died in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 91. This was reported by Brazilian media, citing their leadership.

Soares died under natural circumstances at her home in Rio, according to a post on the artist’s Instagram account. “The singer moved the world with her voice, her strength and her determination.”

Released over 30 albums

Mixing samba, jazz, electro, hip hop and funk and releasing more than 30 albums, Soares is considered one of Brazil’s greatest singers. Her highest honour: At Rio Carnival 2020, the “Mocidade” samba school honored her with its own parade in the sambadrome.

Born in a poor neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Elza Soares married at 12, became a first-time mother at 13, and was widowed at 21. Soares was asked what planet she came from in radio in 1953 when she started making music.

“From the Hunger Planet” was his famous response, which also gave his name to his 34th and final album “Planeta Fome” of 2019.

“Queen of Samba”

The woman with the rough singing style made her breakthrough in 1959, and by the 1960s she established herself as one of the country’s leading samba performers. For many years, Soares carried the title “queen of samba”, although she never limited herself to it.

Elza Soares sang into old age and became a feminist icon in the process. Concerts like the presentation of “Planeta Fome” in the “Circo Voador” in Rio 2019 were events, almost manifestos, in which she criticized social structures and racism.

Privately, Soares made headlines with her relationship with star player Garrincha, who left her family for her after the 1962 World Cup in Chile. Brazilian media recalled that Garrincha also died on January 20, 1983. (dpa)