Nowadays, most mobiles include a voice recording app, although sometimes they take the job too literally. If you are looking for something more advanced and powerful, Voice Notebook is a simple, easy and to use voice note dictation app that works great.

Voice Notebook takes advantage of Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech technology, but additionally adds useful optimizations for note dictation, such as the ability to use replacements for certain words. That is, you can make the word “point” write a point.

Dictate notes to mobile with precision

Android has been using voice typing for many years, although the result is a bit unpredictable. Word recognition is fine, but it can be difficult to reach punctuation marks like commas, periods, or whatever else you need to dictate something special.

Voice Notebook reuses the mobile’s speech recognition technology – you’ll need to have updated Google apps for it to work – but adding additional exclusive options to make dictating notes a much easier process. In practice, the app is extremely straightforward because basically all you have to do is hit the record button and start talking.

As you speak, the text is filled in in real time, so you can check at any time that everything was recorded correctly. At the bottom of the app there is a toolbar with which you can add periods, commas, remove the last word or switch between upper or lower case letters.

However, the main advantage of Voice Notebook is that generally you won’t need to touch anything on the mobile to record your text. Instead, you can use replacements so that when you say something, something specific is written. For example, when you say “semicolon” it is replaced by;. Best of all, these overrides are fully configurable from their settings.

Voice Notebook replacements and some options requiring the Premium version (3.19 euros)

In addition to being able to record a text using your voice, with Voice Notebook you can also do the opposite: read your voice memo with the mobile’s TTS (Text To Speech) engine. Voice Notebook is a free app, although if you buy the Premium version for $ 3.19, the advertising is removed and you unlock premium features like dark mode, voice typing support with Bluetooth, or the automatic date insertion at the start of each recording.

Voice log – continuous speech to text