As confirmed by Xataka Móvil, Vodafone presented the results of its last financial quarter, obtaining slightly higher figures in terms of total revenues, although with losses in mobile, broadband and TV customers. This prompted the operator to reinforce these points with new proposals, among which the improvement of television services. This is why changes are made to the Vodafone TV software.

If you are a Vodafone customer and you have a decoder to enjoy the services offered by the operator on television, you may have already noticed the changes, since the decoders have been updated automatically and will do so gradually in the entire user base over the next few years. weeks. Among the most notable improvements found in this new update, we get more efficient and intuitive playback control, a change in the menus and even power saving options.

New interface and shortcuts to settings

To improve the user experience in set-top boxes, Vodafone has added a more intuitive and visual control, where among the novelties of its interface we find forward and reverse playback options, also serving this for programs already broadcast. In addition, the actions we perform more frequently will appear as shortcuts, such as opening the TV Guide, changing subtitles or language, deleting recordings, etc. This will allow us to enjoy a much smoother and more functional navigation.

Sometimes it’s a little tedious to see so much content on Vodafone TV, as there are services that we haven’t contracted. For this, the operator has given a solution to this: content filtering. Through the configuration tab, we can eliminate the content of those third-party applications that we have not contracted, whether it is HBO Max, Prime Video, STARZPLAY, etc. To do this, simply go to Settings> Content Settings> Filter Content and uncheck the options that we are not interested in.

New start system and arrival of YouTube Kids

The management of energy consumption has also been a strong point in this new update. Now Vodafone will offer a slightly slower start on the set-top box to save electricity in case the TV hasn’t been used for a long time. However, we can return to the previous mode at any time, through Settings> System settings> Energy saving. Here you just have to choose the ‘Quick start’ option and you will leave the decoder as before.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the YouTube Kids application has been added to the library of applications available on Vodafone TV. This application offers content from the Google platform focused on the little ones in the house. Content is rated by age, must be approved by parents, and may even limit the viewing time of content.

If you haven’t received the update yet, don’t worry, it will arrive on your decoder in the next few days. Moreover, the operator ensures that you don’t have to do anything, since the update will be automatic.