It’s been a long time since the original Xposed Framework stopped updating, but it got a second life thanks to countless Magisk-based versions, which still require your mobile to be rooted or at least with the charger from start unlocked. This changes with VirtualXposed which, as the name suggests, is essentially a Virtual Xposed.

With VirtualXposed, you can use Xposed modules without root and unlocked bootloader, with some limitations but in a very ingenious way. Basically it works as a virtual environment where the app can apply the effects of the Xposed modules you install.

Virtual Xposed Framework, no root

Xposed Framework is a system by which you can load modules that change the behavior of applications or the system. In its most popular era, modules like GravityBox became an easy way to customize mobile functions when the system itself did not include the necessary settings.

In order to work, Xposed has to ‘get in the way’ between applications or the system to make changes, so it has always needed root, Magisk, etc. VirtuaXposed is an alternative by which you can use Xposed modules without root. It’s a free app that you can download from F-Droid.

The trick of VirtualXposed is that it works as a virtual environment in which you install the applications which can be modified through the Xposed modules. In other words, it is a way of cloning applications which, in addition, can be modified by Xposed modules.

The great advantage of this method is that you don’t need root, although in return you won’t be able to use Xposed modules that modify the system. If this is not your case, its use is relatively simple given the technical complexity. After installing VirtualXposed, you need to clone the applications to add them to the virtual space.

This virtual environment has the appearance of a simple launcher, where you will see the applications that you have cloned and the Xposed Framework installed and ready to use. The operation is the same as usual, you have to open Xposed, download, install and activate the modules. You can find a list of compatible modules on their website. You will need to restart for the module to activate, which you can do by tapping the app drawer icon to access settings and then tapping Restart.

In our testing, we tested the Disable-FLAG_SECURE module, which requires the ability to take screenshots even in apps that don’t allow it and, indeed, it worked flawlessly in a secret Telegram chat. Of course, remember that it will only work in this virtual environment, and not on the rest of your mobile.