Apparently, Realme doesn’t want to lose sight of Xiaomi when it comes to software news either. Recently, the Chinese firm introduced an option that allowed some phones like the Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G to expand their RAM memory up to 10 GB through the use of the internal storage of the device.

And it is precisely this functionality that Realme will implement in its Realme 8 via an update via OTA which will give the device the possibility of being able to increase the capacity of its RAM memory in a simple way.

Dynamic RAM Expansion, the technology that will improve the performance of the system in our Realme phone

It is true that the Realme 8 is not the first device from the Asian firm to be able to take advantage of what is called the DRE (Dynamic RAM Expansion). Previously, this technology was introduced in the Realme 8 5G via an update via OTA which allowed it to get 2 GB of additional RAM.

From now on, the Realme 8 will be the next device of the company to be able to take advantage of it and, as with its 5G version, everything indicates that the expansion of this memory will be increased by a maximum of 2 GB, reaching up to 10 GB of RAM.

With the updated Realme 8, the only device that will be waiting to receive this update will be the Realme 8 Pro, although Realme itself has already confirmed that this long-awaited feature will arrive on this device very soon, although ‘they were unable to give a precise date.

Returning to Realme 8, it not only incorporates this functionality in its RMX3085_11.A.19 version, but we also have a good number of system improvements and optimizations that we show you below:


Enable RAM expand function Optimizes system performance and improves system stability Fixes an issue where the scroll bar sometimes disappeared in the file manager


Fixes an issue where the screen flickered when rotated to view photos taken with the screen locked Fixes an issue where images received in some third-party apps could not be edited


Integrate the July 2021 Android security patch