Víctor Escobar, among the first non-terminal patients in LA to die from euthanasia


▲ God does not like that anyone suffers (…) I do not believe that God, because I try to stop suffering, is going to punish me for that, said Víctor Escobar, who died yesterday by euthanasia without being an evicted patient. In the image, the last hours with his family.Foto Afp


La Jornada newspaper
Sunday, January 9, 2022, p. 19

Robayo. Víctor Escobar was one of the first Latin Americans to die by euthanasia without being terminally ill and he wanted to open a door for others to access assisted death under the protection of a Colombian justice decision.

Hours before his death, the 60-year-old celebrated that he won a legal battle of more than two years to rest from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that prevented him from breathing on his own. Diabetes and the aftermath of a cardiovascular accident aggravated Escobar’s condition and forced him to fall into a wheelchair.

I want my story to be known because it opens a thread so that patients like me, who are degenerative patients, have an open door so that they can request their rest.

He died in the city of Cali, under medical assistance, his lawyer confirmed on Twitter. In the last images he was seen smiling with his family. They were being forced to live in conditions that are not worthy against their will, explained Mónica Giraldo, director of the Fundación Derecho a Morir Dignamente, who added that three other non-terminal patients have already agreed to euthanasia as a result of the ruling, but only Escobar he wanted to make his case public.

According to official figures, at least 157 people have received assisted death in Colombia until October 2021, after the decriminalization in 1997.

In Europe, only Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain legalized euthanasia.

To date, Right to Die with dignity accompanies five cases seeking euthanasia in Bogotá.