Nova Launcher is one of the best app launchers for Android, as well as one of the oldest. Time does not go in vain, and to keep up to date Nova Launcher is completely renewed in version 7.0, which is now available to everyone on Google Play after having been available in beta since the beginning of the year.

Nova Launcher 7.0 is based on the latest AOSP Launcher3, so it has a new look and animations, although that’s not the only new thing. It includes more customization options, widgets with round borders to your liking, and many other changes.

Redesigned interface

Nova Launcher is a very veteran launcher, and while it has stayed young by adding new features inspired by Pixel Launcher or the latest versions of Android, parts of its interface already have a certain vintage aftertaste. To refresh it, Nova Launcher is based on the new version of the AOSP launcher, Launcher 3.

This small change means a lot of small changes in the interface, including a more modern look and new animations. These changes apply to virtually all screens in Nova Launcher.

The widget selector is renewed, the app settings see several modified sections and the curves have a greater presence in the app elements, following the style defined by Google in Android 12.

Better personal research

Nova Launcher 7.0 gives a twist to its own search, one you’ll usually get in the app drawer. It’s no longer a search bar just for apps, but you can set up multiple search providers, including DuckDuckGo or whatever you have the settings for.

This search receives more customization options, in addition to including what they called the Nova micro-results, which resemble the tools included in Google. With them you can for example do mathematical calculations or currency conversions.

Weather in the search bar

Edit Nova’s search as well as the search bar widget, which is more customizable than ever. Now it is possible to add all kinds of actions as icons, such as Assistant, Google Play or voice search.

The most curious change, however, is that it is possible to include the weather in the search bar, with the forecast automatically obtained from AccuWeather for the current location. This way you discreetly have the current temperature and the conditions at the time.

Drag gesture down on icons

A small change for those who prefer gestures to perform actions is the new swipe down gesture on icons, in addition to the swipe up gesture that was already present in previous versions.

To configure this gesture, you need to long press an icon and select Edit. You can then choose to perform an action or open an app when you do the swipe gesture over that icon.

Better support for theme icons

Nova Launcher has long had one of the best supports for adaptive icons, so much so that it can generate them from the icons of apps that don’t include them. This new version tries to generate the icons ignoring any changes that may have been applied by the mobile theme.

Additionally, if any of these generations fail, you can turn them off. When you long press an app whose adaptive icon was generated by Nova Launcher, you can uncheck the Redesign box to use the original icon.

Support for work profile

Nova Lancher 7.0 gets along well with the Android work profile. It is possible to include Android for Work apps in their own tab in the app drawer, so that they are separate from the rest of the apps in your personal profile.

Winding widgets to your liking

Finally, in the settings of Nova Launcher, you can choose the curvature of the corners of the widgets by the value you prefer. For starters, the value is in the middle, with a value of 16 dp, but if you want, you can increase the curvature or turn it off completely, to have a more rectangular design.

These are the main changes to Nova Launcher, but not the only ones. The launcher includes many small changes in almost all of its sections, allowing you, for example, to extract the APK of any app from the context menu.

Nova Launcher