Yesterday we saw how Microsoft released a patch to address the Print Nightmare vulnerability that affected versions of Windows booted from Windows 7. A patch to “cover” a security flaw in the “Print Queue” service that apparently causes problems with some Zebra brand printers.

Concretely, the patch that poses a problem is the one for Windows 10, the one with the number KB5004945. An optional update that causes complaints from some users in forums and social networks about various outages while using their printers.

Printers that hang

Patch KB5004945 was released on July 6 to address the “Print Nightmare” vulnerability, but it appears to be causing problems. Bleeping Computer echoes complaints from users using Zebra-branded printers that are now blocked.

The fix appears to affect the print queue service and print jobs go missing without being printed, which one user claims on the brand’s forums. In this case, they are talking about the Zebra LP 2844, but also about another model like the ZQ530 or the ZD410.

“LP 2844 does not print after installing KB5004945 In Windows 10, an old LP 2844 connected via USB no longer prints. The print job appears in the queue but is not printed on the printer. ‘printer.

In this other thread, they refer to a total of 15 printers that have stopped working:

“The same goes for the 15 ZT220 printers that stopped working. We’re Hawaii’s biggest fish wholesaler and it’s been a total nightmare today, so stupid.”

Complaints couldn’t be absent on Reddit or Twitter, where Zebra is the affected brand again and reference is made to a response from Zebra Support in which they claim this update is causing issues with multiple models of printers.

The #Microsoft # Windows10 #Windows update that was deployed yesterday (KB5004945) causes Zebra LP2844 printers to stop. Uninstalling the update resolves this issue. It’s a very common printer, so I thought I would try to spread the word.

– Callum maybe? (@SeriousOfSnakes) July 7, 2021

Zebra printer models are affected by the LP 2844, ZT220, ZD410, ZD500, ZD620, ZT230, ZT410 and ZT420 patch. Additionally, the company has released a statement that there are more brands affected and that Microsoft is already working on a solution in this regard.

“We are aware of a printing issue caused by the July 6 Windows update” KB5004945 “affecting various brands of printers. Microsoft has investigated this issue and plans to release an update to resolve the issue. within the next 1-2 hours Business days An immediate way to resolve the issue is to uninstall Windows Update “KB5004945” or uninstall the affected printer driver and reinstall it with administrative credentials. In the long run, we recommend that you use the new Windows update that Microsoft plans to release. Need help with Zebra printers can contact our technical support team. “

For now, it seems the only step to troubleshoot printing issues is to manually uninstall the cumulative update.

The process to remove the update is as follows. To uninstall update KB5004945, the process goes through the path “Configuration”, “Update and security” and inside click on “View update history”. The next step is to use the “Uninstall updates” option by checking the update KB5004945 and then clicking the “Uninstall” button.

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