Asia is now more dynamic than Europe

China had sent army on the border last year, which disturbed the peace, now it is a big challenge to improve relations: S Jaishankar

Beijing: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar expressed his views on international relations and India. He said that India has entered a new phase of international relations.

The world is entering a new phase of international relations and India is no exception. At the same time, he said that the power of China is increasing which will be a big challenge for the world, while on the other hand America is struggling to remain a superpower.

The foreign minister said that in the coming days, the growing power of China will be felt more than the global powers. Which will be a big challenge. Foreign Minister JG Crawford made this statement while addressing Oration 2021.

He said that the Indo-Pacific will remain at the center of international strategy in the times to come. Referring to the United States of America, he said that the United States of America is currently facing a major conflict as a global power.

Referring to the relations between India and China, the External Affairs Minister remembered former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He said that in 1988, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had visited China. At that time also there was talk of peace on the border. Both the countries made various agreements and went ahead. Which created trust.

S Jaishankar also said that despite peace on the Chinese border for so many years, a large number of Chinese soldiers had come to the border last year. When India opposed this in June, there were clashes between the armies of the two countries. In which the soldiers of both the sides were martyred.

Which had a major impact on the bilateral dialogue and relations between the two countries. The big challenge at the moment is how to bring India-China relations back on track.