America’s direct warning to Moscow and Beijing

The United States recently sent a message of control to North Korea, which has been testing missiles one after the other.

Tokyo: The US is conducting a major military exercise in the Pacific in the wake of rising tensions between Russia and China over Ukraine. Apart from the US Air Force, the Air Force of Japan and Australia are also participating in the exercise named Corp North 22.

Held at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, the exercise showcased the power of the Elephant Walk of the US, Japan and Australia. During this, 130 aircraft were lined up and landed on the runway.

Not only this, these planes took off in the air, forming several battle formations at once. The demonstration of US power, 2,900 km from China, is being seen as a direct warning to Beijing and Moscow.

Guam is the largest US naval and air force base in the Pacific Ocean. The main purpose of this base is to curb the aggression of China and Russia in the Pacific Ocean. Apart from this, the 7th Brigade of the US Army is also available in Japan.

Thus thousands of km from Asia. Despite the distance, the US is Asia’s biggest strategic player. More than 2,500 US airmen, marines and sailors are taking part in the exercise, which runs from February 2 to February 18.

Thousands of Japanese and Australian marines are also involved. The term Elephant Walk comes from World War II. At that time, a large number of fighter jets and bombers were launched simultaneously to bomb the enemy.

At that time takeoff looked like a herd of elephants. The aircraft are arranged on the runway in the shape of an elephant’s nose to tail. These include large transport aircraft, fighter jets, medium transport aircraft, attack helicopters, transport helicopters. The island of Guam is of special importance to America.

The United States can monitor the activities of China and North Korea through this base, but can also play an important role in naval intercepts to respond to them. There are five thousand American soldiers here. American strategic bombers, warships are constantly patrolling areas around China.