(PTI) Washington, DT

According to a media report, the US has provided a list of Afghans who have helped the Taliban in Afghanistan over the past two decades.

The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan in just 15 days since they began occupying Afghanistan earlier this month, and as thousands of Afghans flee the country, the Taliban have taken control of all major roads outside Kabul airport. has done. As a result, the US enlisted the Taliban to allow American citizens, green card holders and Afghan allies to access Kabul airport from areas under its control.

Although the Taliban has been notorious for brutally killing Afghans who helped American and Western forces in Afghanistan for two decades, the United States had no choice but to name the Afghans who helped them. The Taliban is currently the de facto ruler in Afghanistan. The US relies on the Taliban to protect people outside Caleb Airport.

However, anger has spread among US lawmakers and several military officials over the listing of the Taliban’s names. An army official said it was “shocking” to give the Taliban a clear list of names. Uncertainty remains about the future of Afghans living in Afghanistan after the departure of US troops. However, when President Biden was asked in this regard, he was not convinced that there was such a list. However, he did not deny that the US has given a name to the Taliban. The news comes as reports that the Taliban have launched a house-to-house search to trace Afghans suspected of helping US forces.