When Windows 11 hit the market, many voices complained about the requirements Microsoft required to be able to test the new version of Windows. It didn’t take long for signs of a possible reduction in these requirements to appear, something Microsoft has clarified.

Microsoft has released a new clarification so that there is no doubt about the requirements that a computer must meet to use Windows 11. Without changes from what we already know, the news comes when they refer to the Installation of Windows 11 on unsupported computers, which will not have any updates or new features or security.

Microsoft is getting serious

Microsoft has published an article on its blog in which it clarifies all the requirements necessary to use Windows 11. Some aspects do not change and it will therefore be necessary to have compatible 64-bit processors, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, UEFI Secure Boot and TPM 2.0.

There is no change in compatible cards and when it comes to processors Microsoft has updated the list of Intel, AMD and Qualcomm, adding the compatible models. The Intel Core X and Xeon W series are now included as compatible, along with the Intel Core 7820HQ, while AMD and Qualcomm maintain the same list of compatible models.

Microsoft maintains that these changes are for reliability, but also for security and compatibility reasons. In the first case, reliability, the company states that “devices that did not meet the minimum requirements had 52% more failures in kernel mode”, while “devices that meet the minimum requirements required had a flawless experience of 99.8% “.

This scenario leaves many computers marked as unsupported. Equipment that cannot be updated, at least officially, because it does not meet the minimum requirements. This does not prevent a user from installing a Windows 11 ISO, a process that is achievable but which Microsoft, in statements to The Verge, warns will have consequences.

And is that in addition to those derived from lack of compatibility or operational issues, Microsoft adds that these computers will not receive critical security updates or updates with new features. A jug of cold water for those planning to venture out on their own.

Via | ZDNet