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UNESCO again “historical war” South Korea, Gunkanjima is insufficiently explained “strong regret” to the resolution statement “former recruitment worker” What happens to Japanese companies’ assets monetization

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is once again the setting for the “historical war” between Japan and South Korea. At the World Heritage Committee, which opens in Fujian Province, China on the 16th, Japan’s world cultural heritage “Meiji Japan’s Industrial Revolutionary Heritage” was resolved as “strong regret” because the labeling of the recruited Korean workers was insufficient. It is expected to announce.

The resolution revealed on the 12th is insufficient for the “Industrial Heritage Information Center” established by Japan last year in Tokyo as a measure to “remember the victims” of the Hashima coal mine (commonly known as Gunkanjima) in Nagasaki City. And said. It is said that the background is strong lobbying activities on the Korean side.

Regarding Hashima, NHK’s documentary work “Green Island” was tampered with by the General Foundation “National Congress of Industrial Heritage” and “Hashima Islanders for Historical History”. “. This video is also quoted in the Korean media reporting the damage caused by “forced entrainment.”


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