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U.S. women’s track and field “gold” candidate uses cannabis Expected new heroine, voice of support for deprivation of Olympics (1/2 page)

Cannabis use was discovered by Shakari Richardson (21), who was expected to be the new heroine of the land kingdom and the United States, as a gold medal candidate for the women’s 100m and 400m relays in the Tokyo Olympics. The dream of participating in the Olympics for the first time has fallen. Under the Joe Biden administration, the movement toward legalization of cannabis is intensifying, and there are voices that it should be taken into consideration, but the USA Track & Field has made a strict decision.

In the women’s 100-meter final of the Olympics selection in June, it was an overwhelming victory of 10 seconds 86, but a positive reaction of marijuana in the doping test. Accepted a one-month suspension. There was still the possibility of participating in the relay on the schedule of the Olympics, but the federation was not selected as a member and the road to the Olympics was completely cut off.

He was informed of his mother’s death one week before the selection and explained that he had started cannabis from a painful mental state. Cannabis has been legalized rapidly in each state since the current administration, and cannabis for taste has been legalized in Oregon, where the competition was held. President Biden also dissatisfied with the anti-doping rules and praised him for accepting the punishment on the 3rd following the disqualification of a land star.