– All countries, including the US, fear retaliation or direct threats from China: Australia is the only one to have made direct allegations.

New Delhi: More than two years have passed since the Communist Party of China died of coronavirus in Wuhan on December 6. announced the day of 2013. This was followed by January by the WHO. There will be a discussion about the spread of this virus by 2020. They also discussed the issue of declaring it an international ‘public disaster’ after six such cases were registered in China. Tell him the whole thing. It continued to spread till 2020. Finally, on March 11, it was declared a “pandemic” by Vu. But so far, new forms of corona, delta and omicron have spread, despite double vaccination and booster doses.

In fact, Canadian military officers who Oct. In 2012, he went to participate in the military games held in Wuhan. They suffered fatigue and shortness of breath with symptoms of corona while Wuhan left like their Iranian counterparts. He had lost his life.

However, twenty-four months later, world powers do not openly say that the spread of the virus started with the word ‘ground zero’. Even the unusual US intelligence agencies did not know that it was Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus. While the Chinese-backed Director General, Tedros, Adhanom, led by Thebrethesus, is becoming the only ‘talk-shop’ in this regard.

Neither the United Nations nor the US superpower directly accuses China of causing the virus because it fears a retaliatory attack or other threat from China’s economic sanctions.

In this situation, only Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has taken China’s side and reiterated that there should be a thorough and thorough investigation into the origins of the virus.

Thus, while NATO or Asian countries or even superpowers like the US are afraid to take a stand against China, Australia has attempted to expose China.