When it comes to improving the sound of our televisions, we can opt for a useful soundbar or a set of speakers plus a separate amplifier, the latter being the one that in general will give us better quality and better performance. sound immersion.

However, classically designed speakers do not always fit into our decor and space, which Focal wants to change with its new On Wall 300 line, designed both to be mounted directly to the wall if we have the hanging TV. and to be used on stands in case we have it on a cabinet or want to use them as surround speakers.

The range is initially composed of two different speakers, the On Wall 301 and 302, both of the passive type, with a very similar rectangular design and an aesthetic with truncated edges, although they differ in the sound performance and the number of speakers they integrate.

Manufactured in France, both models are designed to mount both stereo systems and a multi-channel home theater, being able to place them vertically and horizontally to, for example, have a center channel under the television. They are equipped with Flax cone cones (linen) and available in White High Gloss or Black Satin finish with the possibility of placing a magnetic front frame which hides the speakers.

As for these, the model 301 has a bidirectional configuration with two 4-inch woofers and a central tweeter capable of achieving a frequency response between 53 Hz and 28 KHz with a sensitivity of 87 dB and an impedance of 8 ohms. . , being designed to accompany televisions up to 60 inches.

The top-of-the-line model, the 302, uses a 2.5-way configuration with four 4-inch speakers and the same center tweeter, this time at 50 Hz and with a sensitivity of 91 dB. It is recommended for televisions from 65 inches.

Pricing and availability

The new range of Focal 301 and 302 On Wall speakers is already appearing on the manufacturer’s website even if they will not be marketed until the end of the month for prices of 999 euros and 1500 euros respectively per unit.

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