Two men arrested on drug, weapons charges

<p>Two men are facing numerous charges after being stopped by police =

on State Road near Shallow Pond Estates, Monday night.</p>

<p>According to Captain John Rogers, officers were originally called =

to a disturbance in the Manomet Stop and Shop parking lot. &#0160;When =

they arrived, everything was quiet, but witnesses said two men had fled in =

a red pickup truck.</p>

<p>After stopping the truck, police allegedly found Jason Berry, 26, =

and Derik Berry, 22, both of whom live at the same address on State Road, i=

n possession of numerous rounds of .22 calibre ammunition, several kinds of=

prescription drugs and a substance that looked like heroin.</p>

<p>It turned out it wasn=E2=80=99t heroin, but a non-narcotic substan=

ce that resembled the drug. Police also found a marijuana pipe.</p>

<p>The two were charged with possession, and possession with intent t=

o distribute all the drugs allegedly found on them, which included klonopin=

, trazodone, suboxone and dicyclomine. They were also charged with possessi=

on of a counterfeit substance with intent to distribute and unlawful posses=

sion of ammunition.</p>

<p>Derik Berry was also charged with failure to wear a seat belt, ope=

rating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and refusing to identify hi=


<p>The two had been found camping on private property on State Road, =

Sunday morning. &#0160;At that time, Jason Berry was arrested on three =

outstanding warrants.</p>

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