Trump team warned Biden administration of looming border migration crisis

Temporary Accommodation Centers in Donna, TX, Foster Family Units and Unaccompanied Foreign Children, March 17, 2021. | Photo: Jaime Rodriguez Sr / US Customs and Border Protection

The Trump administration warned the newly arrived Biden administration that a crisis could explode if it ended the border security policies that were in place, according to notes of a phone conversation during the presidential transition provided exclusively to the Daily Signal.

Notes from the November 29 appeal show that Chad Wolf, then head of the US Department of Homeland Security, spoke to his future successor Alejandro Mayorkas about the conditions at the US-Mexico border and what he feared he was. happen if the new administration was not careful. .

Mayorkas and other officials in President Joe Biden’s administration, however, continue to claim that former President Donald Trump is at the root of the current border situation. They called it “a challenge”, not a crisis.

Biden himself, in an interview with NBC’s “Today” broadcast on April 30, said he inherited “terrible border confusion.”

This was the result, said the president, of “the failure to make a real transition – with the cooperation of the last government, as all other governments have done.”

“The two departments that gave us access to virtually nothing were the Immigration Department and the Defense Department,” Biden said in the interview.

In a March 21 interview on CNN, Mayorkas said that “the whole system was dismantled by the Trump administration after taking over from the Obama administration in 2017”.

“It takes too long and it’s difficult because the whole system was dismantled by the previous administration,” Mayorkas said.

And in a preliminary summary for reporters on March 15, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that “the last government left us with a dismantled and impractical system. And like any other problem, we will do our best to resolve it ”.

Notes of the conversation between Wolf-Mayorkas were recorded 26 days after the election. Wolf provided them to the Daily Signal and they seem to tell a different story.

Wolf, now a visiting national security researcher at Heritage Foudation, told Mayorkas that the situation at the border was “very different from previous crises,” according to the notes.

The Heritage Foundation is the parent organization of the Daily Signal, which is its multimedia communication channel.

Describing those looking to cross the US border from Mexico, Wolf told Mayorkas that “the demographics are back to being mostly single adults, again many families, but people are trying to avoid the apprehension.”

“More dangerous,” the notes show Wolf telling the man he would succeed him as homeland security secretary. “Also, add Covid and we’re going to have a very different crisis.”

To paraphrase the notes, it is possible to transcribe what Wolf also said to Mayorkas, in reference to the Covid-19 pandemic:

I am not sure that the ORR [Escritório de Reassentamento de Refugiados] will be able to cope with what will certainly be a sudden increase and with Covid still reaching south, I am concerned about the men and women of CBP [Alfândega e Proteção de Fronteiras dos EUA] and I will not allow the situation to turn into another crisis.

During the third Democratic presidential debate in September 2019, Biden appeared to invite illegal immigrants to come to the United States.

“They deserve to be heard. That’s the way we are, ”Biden said of asylum seekers in response to a question from Jorge Ramos of Univision. “We’re a nation that says, ‘You want to run away and you’re running away from oppression, you should come. “”

The new Biden administration was fully aware of the situation on the southern border, Lora Ries, senior homeland security researcher at the Heritage Foundation, told the Daily Signal.

“We know Biden’s transition team was aware of the risk of ending the Stay in Mexico program [Permanecer no México] because Joe Biden discussed it for [a] transition, ”said Ries.

As part of the Trump administration’s policy of remaining in Mexico, asylum seekers were prosecuted in Mexico – the first safe country they reached – if they fled danger in a Central American country .

“He withdrew from his campaign promise to end the program on day one only to do so within the first six months of his administration because he said he didn’t want 2 million people at the border.” said Biden’s Ries.

“After that, he gave in to the pressure anyway, interrupting the program on the first day. As a result, CBP has found around 532,000 illegal aliens in just four months that Biden is in office. “

As president-elect, Biden announced on November 23 that he would appoint Mayorkas as Homeland Security Secretary. Wolf, Trump’s acting Homeland Security Secretary since November 2019, spoke to him six days later.

Biden took office as president on January 20, about seven weeks after Wolf-Mayorkas’ call. The Senate confirmed Mayorkas on February 2 by 56 votes to 43.

Rachel del Guidice is congressional reporter for The Daily Signal. Ken McIntyre contributed to this report.

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