Police from the Special Brigade patrol the streets of Havana, Cuba on July 21 | Photo: EFE / Ernesto Mastrascusa / Gazeta do Povo

Former US President Donald Trump told Hispanic “Telemundo” television station on Wednesday that the Cuban regime would not have received a second term because of the sanctions imposed while in the White House.

“I don’t think they could last any longer because I did sanctions, I did a lot of other things, as you know, and now they feel encouraged,” the Republican said.

During his four-year tenure, Trump clashed with the Cuban dictatorship with travel restrictions and trade sanctions for those doing business with companies linked to the island’s military, among other measures. “Much of the work that we have done for Cuba and for the freedom of the people will be swept under the table by the administration (Joe) Biden,” said the Republican, defeated in the elections last November.