– Charge of former US ambassador

– Afghan government denies peace talks with Taliban in Doha

WASHINGTON: Former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker has blamed former President Donald Trump for the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan and their rise to power. He also accused former President Trump of forcing the Afghan government to release 2,000 Taliban prisoners held in Afghan prisons.

Crocker said the United States completely sidelined the Afghan government in its February 2020 peace talks with the Taliban in Doha.

He also claimed that the Taliban had captured several provinces in Afghanistan only when American troops began to return home.

Accusing the Ashraf Ghani government of dancing on the fingers of the Trump administration, Crocker indirectly blamed Trump for the current situation in Afghanistan.

That is why Donald Trump did not include the Ashraf Ghani government of Afghanistan in important talks and he was grossly neglected in taking all the major decisions.