When it comes to connecting our devices, televisions, consoles, audio equipment, players, computers, etc., having the option to do so via an Ethernet cable is usually the fastest and most stable alternative, although if we have a lot of equipment, the ports that the router provides as standard may not be enough.

Switches are used for these cases, devices that expand these connection possibilities by giving us additional Ethernet ports in our homes. And if they also offer us high transmission speeds, even better.

That’s the idea behind the new gear TRENDnet launched today as the TEG-S750 and TEG-S762, both part of its family of devices with speeds of up to 10 Gbps and loaded with ports. Additional Ethernet to set up a wired network in the house without bottlenecks.

Specifically, the TEG-S750 model has five 10 Gbps ports, with a maximum switching capacity of 100 Gbps. It also supports 2.5 Gbps and 5 Gbps connections on these ports. For its part, the TEG-S762 switch has only two 10 Gbps ports and another four 2.5 Gbps ports, with a maximum switching capacity of 60 Gbps.

Both models are “unmanaged” and plug-and-play, which means there is no software to configure or install for them to work. It is enough to plug them into the electric current, connect one of the ports to the router, connect the Ethernet cables coming from our devices and they are ready to work.

They feature a passive cooling design to reduce noise and improve power efficiency, and are constructed with a metal frame that functions as a heat sink.

Price and availability

TRENDnet’s new switches will go on sale this month on the manufacturer’s online store and at online retailers like Amazon for $419.99 for the TEG-S750 model and $283.99 for the TEG -S762.

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