Town wants bridge at White Horse Beach fixed ASAP

The Taylor Avenue bridge is supposed to be replaced in 2018 as part of the reconstruction of the entire road.

The town would like it to be repaired a lot sooner.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation divers inspected the 80-year-old bridge and, according to Department of Public Works Director Jonathan Beder, found it to be in poor shape, with deteriorating concrete and other problems.

In a letter to newly installed State Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack, Beder outlined the bridge’s troubles, which became more apparent after the January 27, 2015 blizzard.  He describes Taylor Avenue as a “vital corridor” used by thousands of motorists every year.

The state has earmarked $5.1 million in money to rebuild the road, Beder is asking Pollack to release the portion of that money intended for the bridge reconstruction now, rather than in 2018.

This is not the first time town officials have asked the state to speed up work on Taylor Avenue, a similar letter was sent to former state Transportation Secretary Richard Davey last year.

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