Town Meeting roundup: Water mains for Taylor Avenue, $1 million for nuclear stabilization fund

New water mains for White Horse Beach approved

Town Meeting voted to spend $2 million to install a new water main for Taylor Avenue.

Work, Finance Committee Chairman John Moody said, would begin before the summer in order to get the work done before the reconstruction of the road begins. That should start in the fall, Moody said.

The project would replace the 84-year-old, 8-inch cast iron pipe with a 12-inch ductile pipe. Funds for the work would come from the Water Enterprise Fund.

More money for nuclear mitigation fund

Town Meeting voted to add $1 million from free cash to the Nuclear Plant Mitigation Stabilization Fund.

With that vote, the fund now has $4.7 million in it. The money would be used to help cushion the financial blow to the town when the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Plymouth will receive $9 million in payments in lieu of taxes from Entergy starting in July 2017 and $8.5 million the following year during its last year of operation.

Land transfer could lead to new power substation in Manomet

Town Meeting voted to transfer ownership of a 10-acre parcel off Rocky Hill and Powerhouse Roads from the Town Treasurer to the Board of Selectmen in order to facilitate the building of an electrical power substation.

Roads accepted

Town Meeting voted to accept two roads in South Plymouth Fairview Lane and Edgewood Circle, as public ways.

The two roads were among six approved for acceptance. During discussion, Precinct 15 Town Meeting Member Richard Hanlon asked why Ouimet Lane, which is in the same development as the other two roads, was not included in the acceptance list. According to Public Works Director Jonathan Beder, there  are only so many roads his department can submit for acceptance each year. Ouimet Lane, he said, should be included next year.

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