Town Manager wants a plan for White Horse Beach

Town Manager Melissa Arrighi wants to get White Horse Beach “under control” with a plan similar to the one that helps maintain order on Long Beach.

That’s what she told the Manomet Village Steering Committee at its meeting last week. About 20 residents were also in attendance.

the plan, she said, would involve adding staff, additional law enforcement and protection of the beach’s natural resources. “That means people, that means money,” She said. While the cost hasn’t been figured out, she hopes to bring something to the Fall Town Meeting.

For many in attendance, the big question is what will be done to bring some order to what, as White Horse Beach resident Peg O’Hearn noted, is known as “the party beach.”  Long Beach, Arrighi said, was once that way, but a management plan brought that to an end.

Any sort of dedicated staffing on the beach would be a natural resources officer who would be able to issue civil fans, Arrighi said. Resident Kevin Doyle called for an increased police presence on the beach. Arrighi warned that it was unlikely there would be an officer dedicated to working the beach, adding that similar requests come from people near Morton Park. Steering Committee member Jim Hoagland asked if school resource officers could be assigned to White Horse Beach after school is out. Arrighi said she would speak with Police chief Michael Botieri about it.

There was some praise for police efforts at the beach. Steering Committee Member Alice Baker, while noting the bad behavior this year “is the worst I’ve ever seen,” added that the police response has been good. Resident Dawn Dillon said police respond when called and urged people to call them when there’s trouble.

Another part of the plan, Arrighi said, might be the construction of a walkway over the dunes, which could protect them. Resident Randy Parker liked the idea, adding that it would add a raised area that could be used to watch what’s happening on the beach.  Besides that, Steering Committee Chairman Linda Evans asked for the fencing around the dunes be replaced.  Parker asked if the $20,000  originally set aside by Town Meeting in May to pay for parking signs and striping on Taylor Avenue could be used for that. Assistant Town Manager Mike Galla said he was looking at using it for striping and signs along the side streets.  The parking signs recently erected on Taylor Avenue were paid for using funds from last year’s town budget.

What about the Full Sail?

Assistant Town Manager Mike Galla said he had tried reaching out, without success, to the owner of the abandoned Full Sail bar in the hope of speaking with him about what could be done to the property.  “He hasn’t been very favorable to that,” he said.  Condemning the property is a complicated process, he said.

What is this?