Berlin (dpa) – It will continue shortly on the stage of the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin. The revue theater is known for its scintillating shows.

Austrian artist Tom Neuwirth (32) – known as drag queen Conchita Wurst – is also working on the new production. With the song “Rise Like A Phoenix” he won the Eurovision Song Contest seven years ago.

Neuwirth says he co-wrote songs himself for the first time. Two songs were created for the new show at the Berlin Theater. Since an earlier show in which designer Jean Paul Gaultier designed the costumes, he has had several contacts with the theater. “I am a regular guest.”

Then he was asked if he wanted to write songs. “And my first reaction was, ‘Yeah. But I just can’t do that, “” Neuwirth told the German news agency during a rehearsal break. His producer then said: “Of course we will.”

Now he saw the first rehearsals and until now he didn’t know he was writing something and someone else was singing it. “But it’s really a great feeling,” Neuwirth said. In Germany, the Friedrichstadt-Palast is one of the most famous review theaters. Again and again, the team advocates tolerance with bright colors.

During the European Football Championship there was a lot of talk about sexual diversity and the use of rainbow flags as a symbol of tolerance. Due to the alleged discrimination against non-heterosexual people, the European Commission has just taken legal action against Hungary and Poland. And how does Neuwirth observe these discussions?

On the one hand, the queer community is more mainstream than ever before, he said. Because of this visibility, however, people who have difficulty understanding it are also more likely to face it. But it’s like that. “We’re not leaving either.” It is important that you meet at eye level. “We are all trying to find a common denominator.”

The two songs he wrote the lyrics for are part of the new “Arise” magazine show. The first performances are scheduled for August, the official world premiere will take place on September 22.