Remakes of successful European films are very popular in Hollywood. We will soon see Tom Hanks in the remake of A Man Called Ove.

Los Angeles.

German-Swiss director Marc Forster (52), who caused a stir with films such as ‘Monster’s Ball’, ‘World War Z’ and ‘Quantum of Solace’, will be Hollywood’s version of Oscar winner Tom Hanks (65 year). Film “A Man Called Ove”. This is the English language remake of the Swedish hit film “A Man Called Ove”.

Swedish production company SF Studios announced the casting for the project on Tuesday. Hanks’ wife, producer Rita Wilson, and the actor’s Playtone company are on board the production. “I can’t wait to create a movie with so much humor and heart starring Tom and Rita,” Forster wrote in a statement. He immediately fell in love with Fredrik Backman’s innovative idea that a friendship can change a person’s life.

Filming will begin later this year

Filmed in Sweden in 2015, the novel tells the story of a grumpy, suicidal widower who finds his way back to life by meeting new neighbours. The tragic comedy won numerous awards and was nominated for a foreign Oscar in 2017. Hanks is set to star in the remake as a widower.

American author David Magee, who previously wrote the screenplay for Forster’s film “When Dreams Learn to Fly”, will provide the screenplay. Filming is expected to begin this year. Oscar winner Hanks (“Philadelphia,” “Forrest Gump”) was last seen in the sci-fi movie “Finch.” (dpa)