With soaring electricity prices and the disappearance of the cheapest time slots, LED lighting systems have become one of the essential measures to lower the bill and save a little at the end of the month.

In addition, we can go further than simply replacing the incandescent or energy-saving bulbs in our lamps with their LED equivalents and switching to LED bulbs with batteries that we can recharge with solar energy.

What are solar led bulbs

LED solar bulbs and lamps are very similar to conventional lamps that we have to connect to the electric current but with the difference that they have a system of photovoltaic cells incorporated in the surface of these products or external that we can connect separately.

This allows them to capture solar energy, convert it into electricity and store it in an internal battery that will allow us to use the bulbs without cables even at night.

These types of bulbs do not need installation, we can always take them with us and if we live in a very sunny area we can almost always have them ready for use leaving them next to them all day from a bright window.

Among their main disadvantages we find that they have a higher price than conventional bulbs (more than double) and that they require minimal maintenance to keep the integrated or external solar panels very clean so that they can better capture solar energy.

Solar LED bulbs: advice on buying and using

If we are thinking of acquiring one of these solar bulbs to save a little on the electricity bill, a series of aspects should be taken into account both when buying them and when we are going to use them:

In the first place, it is advisable to buy several light bulbs to maintain the house, not only in case we want to light more than one at the same time, but above all to always have a well charged one, because depending on the amount of sunshine we have at home and how many hours we have the bulb on, it may not be enough for us with just one and we must alternate several so as not to run out of energy.

Models that have some type of handle for transport or with hooks that allow us to hang them from almost anywhere we need them are recommended.

If the advantage of this type of bulb is its ability to be recharged thanks to sunlight, it is also practical that they have the possibility of being recharged via a USB port. This will allow us to use them even if they have run out of battery by connecting them to an outlet or a device with a USB output.

It is also generally recommended that the bulb has a charging indicator, to know that the solar panel is working correctly and even to find the best angle with which we obtain more energy and therefore a faster charge.

The best bulbs usually also incorporate a power control selection system that will allow us to achieve different levels of lighting. Normally the same power button is used, which we must press several times and therefore the intensity of the light will vary. It is an effective system but can be annoying because you have to go through the different modes, so if we are offered several dedicated buttons or a remote control, it is always appreciated.

Finally, some models come with built-in panels, but given the small size of the bulbs, they generally offer lower performance than those that integrate the panels on the outside. In this second case, it is practical that the charging cable is as long as possible in order to be able to place the panel next to a window or even outside without having to have the bulb right next to it.

Solar LED bulbs: recommended models

Portable solar lamp KK.BOL

A simple model to start with is that of KK.BOL, with the typical shape of this type of device, it has a separate solar panel with a 5 to 8 volt charging system, an average life of 50,000 hours and a metal hook that It will allow us to hang the bulb wherever we need it. Its price is 17.98 euros.

KK solar lamps. Solar BOL Lamp LED Bulb Portable Emergency Light Indoor Outdoor Camping 150LM 1600mAh

GreenSuit solar bulb

This GreeSuit model also comes with an external 6 volt, 1 watt solar charger with a 2.75 meter cable. It has an internal battery with an autonomy of 4 to 8 hours with a power of 120 to 140 lumens. It also comes with a remote control that allows us to turn on, turn off and vary the light intensity. Its price is 17.88 euros.

LED Solar Light Bulb – Portable Flashlight Flashlight with Remote Control Solar Panel for Outdoor Hiking Camping Tent Fishing Lighting

Ledeak Camping Lanterns

Equipped with 16 LED diodes, this nomadic bulb offers a light output of 500 lumens emitted at 360 degrees and with an integrated battery charging system that offers between 4 and 6 hours of autonomy via a USB socket, although it is not not delivered with a panel. solar as standard and we will have to buy it separately. Its price is 17.99 euros the package with two bulbs.

Ledeak 2 Pieces LED Camping Lanterns, Portable LED Light Bulb Camping Lamp with USB Rechargeable Hook for Outdoor Emergencies Tent Camping Deck Garden Patio BBQ Fishing

Weskjer solar bulb

This Weskjer bulb has solar panels built into the housing, which can power its internal 3600 mAh battery with up to 6 hours of battery life. It can also be charged by USB, it has a remote control, charging indicator and light power control with four levels between 25% and 100%. Its price is 19.99 euros.

Solar LED Light Bulb, USB Rechargeable Solar Light Bulb, Outdoor Hanging Lamp, Remote Control Lantern, Waterproof Lighting for Garden Yard Camping

Glogeagle LED Bulb

This solar bulb has external panels with a power of 6 Volts and 1.2 Watts, and can also be recharged using USB adapters such as a mobile charger. It has a remote control, a timer, three power levels and a charge indicator. Its price is 15.51 euros.

5 Modes 25 COB LED Solar Light Bulbs 9W USB Rechargeable Remote Control