Tidmarsh Farms isn’t open to the public…yet


Tidmarsh Farms East isn’t open for business quite yet.

Residents used to walking the property before its restoration, sometimes with their pets, have been venturing back onto the site now that the earth-moving equipment has been removed, according to Tidmarsh Farms Trustee Glorianna Davenport.  Now that the big trucks have left, the project has shifted focus to planting in upland areas, which Davenport called a “sensitive time for the project” in an e-mail.

However, it isn’t open to the public and signs have been posted reminding people of that fact.

Despite the fact it’s been commonly used as a hiking area for people and their pets in the past, it has always been private property, Davenport pointed out. While it was a working farm, she wrote, they were “not rigorous about keeping them out.” Now, however. It’s different.  Tidmarsh Farms isn’t insured for public access, she noted and besides the plantings, other work continues to be done, she pointed out.

Eventually, the land will be open to the public. Town Meeting recently approved the purchase of a portion of the property that sits west of Beaver Dam Road and has been dubbed Tidmarsh Farms West. The town will, she wrote, eventually open it to the public. As for Tidmarsh Farms East, Mass Audubon is currently working to raise $3.6 million to take over the land and turn it into a nature sanctuary. If things go well, both areas should be open to the public in about a year, according to Davenport.

Pets, however, won’t be allowed on Tidmarsh Farms East, since Mass Audubon doesn’t allow them, according to Davenport. Tidmarsh Farms West will be open to dogs and horses, she noted.

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