Xiaomi mobiles might start to complain if you replaced their battery without going through an authorized supplier, at least in China. This is clear from the APK of the Xiaomi Mi Security app, which includes a warning message when it detects an unofficial battery, as they discovered in XDA.

Xiaomi’s security application prepares a warning when it detects that the terminal battery is unofficial, in which case the charging speed is reduced because its safety cannot be guaranteed.

Original battery or slower charge

Cell phone batteries lose capacity over time. Those who extend the life of their mobile by a few years can make it more bearable by replacing their battery. Those who do this without going through Xiaomi’s official technical service may end up with a surprise, at least in China.

According to XDA surveys, Xiaomi’s security app can detect if a Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 10 or Mi 10 Pro includes a non-genuine battery. This detection is currently only active in China, although its text is translated into English, so it is not excluded that it could be extended to other more advanced regions.

Upon detection, a message is displayed that it appears that the terminal battery is not allowed, so the charging capacity will be reduced, reminiscent of the Apple of a few years ago.

Of course, the message gives good reasons for this limitation, the system cannot guarantee that an unknown battery supports fast charging of the terminal, which could lead to swelling, overheating and, in the worst case, a fire.

This is especially relevant when you take into account that terminals such as the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro support 65W fast charging, while other recent launches such as the Xiaomi Mix 4 achieve a charge of 120. W. That’s a lot of watts to throw away without warranty on an unknown battery.

Via | XDA