No one would need to look at photos saved in your phone’s gallery, but you might want to hide them in your camera roll to make sure your images and videos stay out of sight. And there are several ways: from using your mobile’s secure folder to using third-party apps.

In view of all the information we store on our mobile, it is enough for someone to have access to its interior to leave us, almost literally, naked. This is a problem that concerns above all one of the most intimate elements of any phone: its photo gallery. This gallery can cherish very specific moments that we don’t want to reveal to anyone. So imagine if anyone had access to it, it could be a disaster.

Since your mobile belongs only to you, let’s see how you can add extra privacy to camera roll.

Hide your photos and videos in your mobile gallery

This add-on is becoming more and more popular among brands, almost all Android custom layers include it among its options. Therefore, it is better to check what you have pre-installed on your mobile before looking for other apps. You will maintain security and avoid further inconvenience; such as advertisements of some free applications.

The specific function name varies from brand to brand. In Xiaomi phones it is called “Private Album”, Samsung phones have their “secure folder”, Huawei has the hidden items inside the gallery, OPPO includes the vault in which to render the photos and videos from the private gallery… Most of these systems work in a similar way:

Enter the gallery of images and mark the ones you want to hide (or videos). Choose to save them to the private album, hide them, or save them to the secure folder. The name will depend on the brand of your phone. Once hidden, the content will be hidden from view as it will not appear in the gallery. To view it, you need to access your phone’s secret album; with or without entering the password, it all depends on the mobile.

Use Google Photos private folder

Google Photos is the default image gallery on Google Pixels, as well as other brands. And it can be used on almost all Android mobiles: if you don’t have it installed, it’s worth taking advantage of its private folder in addition to cloud backup (only 15 GB free).

The Google Photos private folder allows you to protect all the images and videos you want so that no one can see them. This folder is secured by the phone lock and isolated from the rest of the pictures and videos. Photos will also not include private content in its backups.

To activate the private folder, all you have to do is mark the photos and/or videos you want to hide and click on the three dots in the top menu. Click “Move to Private Folder” and that’s it. And if you want to see the protected photos, you need to go to the lower tab of “Library” and click on the upper option of “Utilities”. At the bottom of the list appears direct access to the Private Folder.

Use a file manager with protected folder

Lock Settings in Files Secure Folder

File managers allow you to move documents, create folders and also manage them. By extension, some give the possibility of protecting the files contained in the folders so that no one can see them. This is the case of Files, from Google, our main recommendation.

Files introduced the Secure Folder as a way to protect any files that the user wants to keep secret. This is valid for the task we are looking for, hiding photos and videos is done as follows:

Install Google Files if you didn’t already have it on your mobile. It’s a great app for freeing up space, sharing files, and many other useful features. Go to the “Explore” tab and click on “Images”. Mark the photos you want to protect and click on the top three menu points. Select “Move to Secure Folder”. Set the desired protection for the secure Files folder: o PIN o Pattern. Once the file lock is set up, it will move the photos to the protected folder by deleting them from the phone gallery. To view protected photos and videos, enter the “Secure Folder”: access is in the “Explorer” tab, in the “Collections” section.

Whenever you want to protect a photo, you will need to send it to the secure folder from Files. And if you want to remove it from this folder so you can share it, you need to navigate to the folder and choose “Remove from Private Folder” from the menu.