To speed up shooting, it is essential to open the camera app as soon as possible. Do you want to know several ways to accelerate this opening? With a double press on the power button, a gesture of turning your wrist and even double tapping the back of the phone: we explain all these tips to you.

Cell phones may have been overthrown in their task of becoming all-terrain cameras, but there is no doubt that they tend to do this task beautifully: since we all go with our cellphones on, capture a scene is as easy as picking up the phone, unlock it, find the camera icon, tap it, wait for it to open and pull out. This process shouldn’t be very slow, but there are ways to speed it up. It’s about getting the exact moment.

Avoid searching for the camera app

The time it takes for the camera app to load depends on many factors, but they can be summed up in two: the time it takes to find the shortcut and the time it takes for the phone to load the capture software. For the second you cannot overdo it since the speed depends mainly on the hardware of the phone, but you can act on the first factor.

Accessing desktops to find and open the camera app takes up precious time when taking photos. Therefore, if you configure the aperture to reduce this time, avoiding having to look for the icon, the chances of not wasting the time will increase.

There are almost endless ways to open an app on Android, including photography and video. Some are offered by the manufacturers of your phone themselves, so you should start there.

The fastest and most accurate: double tap the power button

This is a method that is already included in Android and that most brands offer as standard. Maybe you’ve already turned it on: double-click your phone’s power button and see if the camera app opens.

In case it doesn’t work directly, check if you can enable it:

Go to your mobile settings and find the “Gestures” section. The specific menu varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Go to “Open Camera Quickly”. Activate the slider and you’re done. If you can’t find this specific setup, search the search engine for “camera” and locate the quick aperture.

It doesn’t matter if you turned off the mobile as if you were using an app: double tap the power button to instantly open the camera. Of course, the opening will depend on the speed of your phone and what it is doing at the time.

Quick camera opening in MIUI

In the case of Xiaomi phones, you can configure double-tap to open the camera by double-pressing the volume down key. It is configured like this:

Go to MIUI settings. Go to “Always-on screen and lock screen”. Scroll down to “Run Camera” and activate the feature. Choice of gesture for quick camera opening in MIUI

Xiaomi allows you to choose this direct gesture according to your needs. In case you also prefer a double tap in the power menu (it is universal since it also works with the screen off), do the following:

Go to the settings of your Xiaomi mobile and enter “Additional settings”. Go to “Gesture shortcuts”. Go to “Run Camera”. Select the way you prefer to quickly tear off the photo face of the phone. You can also choose both: this way you will have more options to open the camera.

Motorola’s gesture: double twist of the wrist

Wrist gesture turn on Motorola mobiles

Motorola includes a handy gesture that quickly opens the camera by simply twisting your wrist twice while holding the phone. This parameter is available on cell phones of this brand, you just have to go to its gesture section to configure it. For the rest of the brands we will use an app.

Shake it!

Shake it! It is a small app that analyzes the movement of the phone to perform actions based on what you do with it. You can shake it, as the name of the application suggests, but it also allows just the gesture you are looking for, the double turn of the wrist.

To configure the application, follow these steps:

Install Shake it! and removes battery saving restrictions. The app allows you to do this on your first start. Also configure the permission to display on other apps. On the cover of the app, you can select two gestures: shake the phone (up) and double wrap the wrist (down). Tighten in the second. Click the arrow icon (right) and select the camera. You can adjust the gesture sensitivity from the app settings (at the top of the gear icon).

The gesture works quite well when the screen is on. If the mobile is locked, you will need to unlock the phone first for Shake it! can open the camera app.

Double tap the back of the phone

Double tap configuration on Google Pixel mobiles

The Google Pixels integrate a way to open applications and perform different actions: the quick touch, a gesture that is also found on iPhones from iOS 14. In general, different manufacturers do not integrate this gesture, but, as it usually happens, there are applications that allow it. Our favorite is Tap, Tap.

The app we recommend is not on Google Play, you will need to go to the developer’s GitHub to download it. Tap, tap is in beta, but it works fine.

Download the latest version of Tap, type and install this APK on your mobile. Open the app, give it accessibility permission, and remove battery restrictions. Go to “Double tap actions” and hold the sample actions until the “Delete” icon appears. Delete them all. When the “Double Tap Actions” menu is cleaned, click “Add Action”. Click on “Launch” then on “Run application”. Select the camera app and press, press will already be configured.

Once the app is set up, the camera will jump whenever you double tap the back of the phone. If you have a screen lock, the application will not be able to run until you unlock the mobile.