Xiaomi hasn’t launched tablets for a few years, more specifically since 2018 when they announced the Mi Pad 4 Plus, their latest model. Things are about to change because at the next event on August 10, in addition to the expected Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, they also confirmed that there will be room for tablets.

Rumors of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 date back to last April, when it was learned that Xiaomi was preparing three models. Leaks have happened since then and today, just days after its presentation, we’re collecting everything we think we know about the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5.

Three models in total

As we have already advanced, the first rumor we learned about the Mi Pad 5 says that there will be a total of three models that will make up the new range. We will have a Mi Pad 5 sec, a more basic model called Mi Pad 5 Lite and a more advanced model called Mi Pad 5 Pro.

According to the leaks, the main difference of the Lite model from the rest will be the processor, which we give in more detail a bit below. On the differences between the normal model and the Pro, there could be the camera, with 48 megapixels for the most advanced and 12 megapixels for the normal.

120 Hz screens

According to the leaks, all three tablets will have the same screen size, with a diagonal of 10.9 inches. In addition, all three will have IPS LCD technology with a 2K resolution (2560 x 1600 pixels) and most importantly: they will offer a refresh rate of 120 Hz. However, there are rumors that this would be the configuration of the Pro model and, at least the Lite, has a more modest screen.

Magnetic pen holder

The possibility of the Mi Pad 5 supporting a stylus had already been mentioned previously and this invitation to the August 10 event confirms it. The pencil would offer 4096 levels of pressure, so we would be faced with an interesting tool for drawing and making drawings.

In addition, the pencil would be placed on the side of the tablet with a magnetic system, in true Apple Pencil style, although it could be charged via USB-C and not wirelessly.

Mi 11 style design and keyboard cover

Regarding the design, the leaks point to a style very much in line with the Xiaomi Mi 11, with a shape of rounded corners, a square camera module and the brand logo in the lower corner. The leaked images show a model with a white back (although a slight gradient is seen), but there are probably more colors.

The Mi Pad 5 will have an accessory besides the stylus, we are talking about the keyboard cover that you see in the image on these lines. This is an unofficial render, but several leaks have indicated this design. It has a foldable design to allow the tablet to be placed in portable mode and has a recess to house the stylus.

High-end processor (but not the most high-end)

As we said at the beginning, the processor will be one of the points that will make the difference between the models of the series. Rumors suggest that the Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro will carry the Snapdragon 870, while the Mi Pad 5 Lite will remain with the Snapdragon 860. These are Qualcomm’s high-end chips, although not the most advanced. Also, a point to keep in mind is that the Snapdragon 860 does not support 5G, so the Mi Pad 5 Lite may only arrive in the WiFi version and, if it has a mobile network , it will be 4G.

Fast charge

Finally, we talk about the energy section, in particular the fast charge. Early rumors suggested that the Mi Pad 5 would have a charging system of at least 120W, which would put it on par with the Mi 11 Ultra, its current flagship. We will have to wait until Day 10 to confirm this, although the logic is that this is an exclusive feature of the Pro model.