Three arrested in Manomet on drug charges

<p>Three people were arrested on Manomet Point Road after drugs were =

found in the house.</p>

<p>According to Capt. John Rogers, probation officers and police were=

checking in on two people, one of whom had a warrant for his arrest. Polic=

e discovered marijuana and a syringe with heroin residue on it.</p>

<p>Abigail Cappola, 21, was charged with possession of heroin. &#=

0160;Allison Cappola, 21, and Kevin Cameron, 22, &#0160;who lived at th=

e address, were charged with being present where they knew heroin was being=

kept. &#0160;Cameron was also arrested on a warrant for possession of =

a class A substance and Allison Cappola was arrested on a warrant for distr=

ibution of a class A substance and cited for poession of marijuana under an=


<p>Both Cappolas live on Raymond Road.</p>

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