Kiribati island saved from Corona is also adfate

5,17,199 new cases of corona in America, 2359 people died

Washington: The total number of corona cases worldwide increased to 367,783,199, with 10,73,027 new cases reported today, while the total death toll from corona increased to 56,59,108 after 2,874 deaths.

There were 5,17,199 new cases of corona in the US and 2,359 deaths. The Russian government does not want to impose any restrictions, although 98,040 new cases of corona have been reported in Russia and 673 people have died.

The outbreak of Corona has also spread to the island of Kiribati in the Pacific Islands, which has been battling the Corona epidemic for two consecutive years. Kiribati opened its borders for the first time this month, allowing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to board a charter flight with 54 locals.

Although these 54 citizens were tested and quarantined thrice in Fiji, more than half of the passengers tested positive for corona. According to a study by researchers from Wuhan University in China, the novel coronavirus, which has spread to bats in South Africa, could pose a threat to mankind in the future if further mutated.